Whistler, Canada

Late Night Vibes

Monday, July 17th, 2017.
Vancouver, BC 11:25pm

Late Night Vibes

I’m sitting here on my best friends sofa thats going to keep me comfort as I sleep on it again tonight.  Couch life.  Yep.  I am grateful I am safe, healthy, under a roof and have fresh water that I can fill my glass up anytime I want by walking about 10 meters to the kitchen sink.  We just got home from Kits Beach.  I met up with another one of my best friends who has been living in Melbourne, Australia for the past 3 years.  We met in the Starbucks on Cornwall Ave across from the beach and I ended up couch surfing with him right above the coffee shop for that whole summer.  We had such good times and always reminisce on the memories we created.  I played frisbie with him and his friends on the grass by the great big outdoor pool where they had hula dancers performing tonight.  Kitsilano Beach is where its at, really, its so amazing!  And the sunsets are incredible.  It was very fiery tonight and the sky was cotton candy.  I have to say Vancouver has the best cotton candy skies I’ve ever seen.

After catching up with everyone, Mike, who is heading back to Aus tomorrow and my best friend whose couch I’m on, both came to the Local restaurant to grab a late night bite to eat.  Its our ritual as we always used to go to the Local Public Eatery when I lived a block away from it.  We shared yam fries (my favorite) and nachos, with extra guac.  So good.  Drank lots of water to balance out the healthiness and called it somewhat an early night.

I shared with Mike my travel blog for the first time and he loved it 🙂 I’m excited to visit him in Australia and write about what the wonderful country has to offer.

This afternoon I went to a new poke restaurant on West 10th Ave called Pokeman.  They just opened 4 days ago and the owner made me a delicious veggie poke bowl.  I highly recommend checking it out and putting the sesame dressing all over.  After that, my friend dropped me off at another friends house.  I was so happy she was home as I had swung by her place in Kits 3 times already since I’ve been in town and missed her.  I rang her buzzer and after telling her my name she said “I just got back from the hospital”.  I went up to see her and she told me she just arrived home from being at the hospital for 4 days.  She had a second hip replacement.  She offered me the italian cookies that were sitting at the dining room table which I was happy to munch on.  Shes like a Nonna to me, 84 years old, beautiful woman.  We met at a bus stop 4 years ago on her 80th Birthday and the next day we went to a Canucks hockey game together, it was so much fun!

We lived a block away from each other and I’d visit her often.  She loved making pasta for me.  So today, though not under the best circumstances, we made the best of our visit with each other.  We were both so happy and I couldn’t have shown up at her place at a better time.  Then after a little bit of time catching up, her daughter, who came in from Dubai to look after her, asked if I could stay a while so she could go out to get prescription medicine and groceries.  Absolutely I did.  My friends leg was really swollen and I suggested she lay in bed and put it up on a pillow.  We slowly walked to the bed as she used a cane and my arm for balance.  When her daughter told her I was going to stay while she went out, my friend told me to lie beside her and have a nice rest.  We chit chatted and took deep breaths at times when her hip was in pain, until we both drifted off into deep relaxation.  Afternoon naps are the best!

When her daughter came back about an hour later, my ride was pulling up to head back downtown.  I wrote my number down on a piece of paper and said to call me if they needed anything.  I really took a moment to have deep gratitude for my body and in its healthy state.  Learning to love all parts of you is a process, but it is so important.  We take things for granted on a daily basis and I hope we can all be aware of how fortunate we are to have the bodies we do.

Much love,

I need to go to sleep.

I have lots I feel like I could write, but I’m tired.

Keeping up with this blogging thing, writing about my days,