Whistler, Canada

Mid Summer Thoughts

Monday, July 14th, 2017.
Vancouver, BC

Mid Summer Thoughts

What a beautiful morning.  After spending an adventurous weekend in Whistler, I’m back in the city of Vancouver and enjoying it in peace and quiet.  I’m staying with a friend who is cat sitting in Kitsilano for a few days and soaking in all the goodness of having a house to myself.  I came here last night with one of my best friends to hang and have a girls night.  Then my friend said “Where are you staying tonight Amanda?”  to which I responded “I don’t know yet, I was up in Whistler for the weekend, now I’m homeless again”.  We both laughed out loud as she said “You are exactly like me.”  She has been cat and dog sitting staying at people’s homes for the past 3 years.  She has been moving around Vancouver non stop since.  No rent and she gets paid to do it!  She has mastered a way of travelling that many do not pursue.  Heck, I’d pet and house sit any day, anywhere!!  I love animals and I’d even love to take care of people’s plants too if they need someone to look after them!  It’s a great way to help people out when they need a reliable and trustworthy person to take of things back home when they want to go on a vacation.  The best vacation is when you have peace of mind, so this is a great way to help individuals and families as well as help travellers live the lifestyle they want!

She went to work at 9am and left the key for me on the kitchen counter for when I decide to head out.  How nice it is though, to be with my thoughts within four walls.  The room is painted white with lovely photographs on the wall taken by the owners of the home.  My hair is up in a towel, drinking cold coffee from a mug and finished a plate of sliced apples with almond butter.  So easy!  I interlace my fingers and push palms down as my fingers crack.  My hands come back to the keyboard.  This is the life of a traveller.

After doing some work and research on the computer of an invention I have in my head, I decided to have a bath and let my mind melt under water allowing creativity to flow.  The first thing I thought was how I want to do another water fast.  Then I thought, how is it we are so keen on always keeping the outside of our bodies clean, yet, the inside sometimes goes unnoticed?  We wash our bodies with water constantly, making sure its so clean that it sparkles.  But what about our inside?  We must use water to flush out and clean our insides too.  That is why water fasting, or just drinking tons of water everyday is crucial.  We need to keep our vehicle clean.  Whats the point of getting a car wash and then not vacuuming the inside and throwing all the garbage out.  Why keep the collected cups of Tim Hortons and Whole Foods wraps wrappers and dark chocolate wrappers in the car?

Fuck 50%.  If your going to clean your car, do it 100%.  After all, your the one who sits inside, everyone else just sees the outside.  And for those who choose to come close and look through the windows, don’t you want them to see what you see?  There’s a beautiful, clean and pure oasis inside each and everyone of you.  Start on the inside and your windows will naturally polish.  It’s time summer time, that means, take it easy and sparkle inside and out.  Clean your car.  Clean your body.  Clean your mind.  DRINK WATER.