Whistler, Canada

When thoughts flow at 2am

Tuesday, August 1st, 2017.
Deep Cove, BC

Meditating For Your Garden

Tap into the untouched surfaces of your mind.
Unleash the power of your creativity by taking the leash off.
Knock on doors that you have no idea what’s on the other side.
Expand the quality of your life by expanding the quality of your mind.
Life is all about expansion.

Sure you can plant a seed, a seed in your mind.
But whose going to water it?
No one has access to the corners and deep depth like you do.
Plant the seeds, water the flowers and nurture your garden.
Take time to sit with yourself and you’ll notice your own roses growing.
What’s more beautiful than that?

The mind is most powerful when working in conjunction with the heart.
The heart is the stem of the rose.
It needs the most attention.
Feel it, listen to it and most of all follow it.
Keep it pure, keep it loved.
Let it grow towards the sky and bloom through the lights in your eyes. 















Inspire to meditate and meditate to inspire.