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How I Saved My Friends Life By Meditating

September 7th 2017

How I Saved My Friends Life By Meditating
4 years ago on October 29th, 2013, shortly after my first 10 day silent meditation retreat called Vippasana, I woke up like any other morning.  I sat up in my bed in an apartment in Kitsilano, Vancouver, Canada and began my meditation practice.  Sitting cross legged, with my eyes closed, I began to observe my breath.  As I became more aware of my breathing and of my body, I slowly sank deeper and deeper into meditation.  Feeling relaxed, calm and still, I continued doing nothing but essentially breathe.
Within only a few minutes, all of a sudden I got a vision in my minds eye.  Almost as if I was watching something right in front of me, with my eyes closed.  The scene came to me in three images.  First, I was high up on a cliff watching people cliff jump in front of me.  Secondly, I was watching from a side angle to see someone jumping in mid air about to land in a body of water.  In the third scene, I had the jumpers vision, the one I had just seen from the side angle.  But what I saw is something that any cliff jumper would not ever want to see.



It happened within a split of a second, a flash before my eyes.  As I moulded into the jumpers vision, I saw a huge rock just under the water and crashed head first right into it.  The scene turned black.  I knew “I” was a goner.
Then I heard the name “Craig” in my mind, as if someone were to have said it in my ear.

I opened my eyes right after and thought to myself…”Craig? Craig?” Trying to decipher what just happened and why that name came up.  Then it came to me.  “Omg, Craig is in Australia.”  Craig has been one of my closest friends since elementary school.  We had talked about a week before when he had told me he was flying to Australia from Canada to visit our other good friend.  When he arrived a few days prior, he messaged me saying the weather was really cold and windy.  So I thought to myself, would people be swimming in Melbourne right now?  Or is it too cold to go?  Was my vision about him?  How do I explain this?  I knew I had to message him right away, my intuitions alarm was setting off by my meditation experience.

So I messaged him via Facebook telling him I had a message for him that I got during meditation:
Amanda: “If you go cliff jumping, not sure if its in Aus or maybe Tbay (Thunder Bay, our hometown), just be careful.”
Craig: “We were going to go here just the other day but the weather was bad.”
Amanda: “If you do go, be very careful, trust your instincts before you jump.”
Craig: “Thats so weird!!  But thanks!!!”
Amanda: “Maybe watch for your friends too, just trust your gut.”
Craig: “Okay, thank you.”
I ended up calling him right after to to tell him again to be careful to probably not go.
I found out afterwards that after I called him, our mutual friend came home from work and said “Let’s go cliff jumping now.”  From what I had told Craig, he thought just being careful and aware would be good enough.  They were about to walk right out the door, until, I sent another message, minutes after the phone call.
Amanda: “Hey.  I don’t think I was straight forward enough.  I advise you don’t go at all, I just see a very dangerous situation and my intuition is usually bang on, thats all, much love!!”
Craig: “Thats so crazy because we were almost just about to go.”
And thank God he didn’t!!  I also thanked God that day that not only did I listen to my intuition, I acted on it.
Its remarkable every time I think about it, that my friend, who was across the world was potentially about to be in danger and through meditation I was able to receive a warning on his behalf.  I was so grateful Craig and his friends did not go cliff jumping that day.  I knew meditation had a lot of benefits and helped increase intuition but this just raised it to a whole other level.  This showed me how powerful the practice of meditation really is, not only for the mind, body and soul but for the power of saving lives.
My advice for any type of meditation is “Practice, practice, practice.”
You never know whose life you could save next.
Much love,