Whistler, Canada

I wanted nature and I got it.


Sunday, September 3rd, 2017.
Whistler, BC

Creekside Village.

5 days ago, I was indecisive on going to Burning Man.  I had a ride, a suitcase full of Burning Man attire and a spirit that runs free.  However, something inside of me couldn’t decide whether I should go or not.  So, I did what I do anytime I need to make a decision, especially when time is “limited”.  I listened to my heart.  I closed my eyes, took a few deep breaths and asked “What does my heart want?”  I saw 2 tall green pine trees in my minds eye.  “Ah, nature, my heart needs nature.”  My path was clear, I was to head to the mountains to fuel my soul.

So this morning I woke up in Whistler Lodge Hostel on a top bunk.  I opened the curtain of my bed to see my Care Bear I got from the PNE Fair the day before on the floor.  She fell off at some point in the night.  I thought to myself, how funny would it have been for the 2 guys in the bunks next to mine only to see a care bear on the floor after spending the night at a wedding with an open bar.  I was up at 8 and went for a run at 9am.  My friend Craig and I ran up the mountain to the Creekside gondala.  It felt so good to wake up and run!

After that, we packed up our bags and jumped in the truck.  We headed to the village to grab breakfast at the Naked Sprout, a yummy place to get juice, smoothies and healthy food.  I got a Super Green smoothie and drank it in the sunshine.  Then we went to El Furniture Warehouse for lunch and I got perogies.  So delish!

From there we headed to the IGA Market Place to get water for our hike.  We ended up getting the water and got a bit distracted with all the cool things they had in there.  We probably spent 40 minutes picking out Whistler lumberjack button up sweaters, canada socks, fridge magnets with black bears on them and Burts Bees lipbalms.  Oh yea and we got the Rainbow Trail Mix – the perfect mountain snack.

Story paused, we’re going to Mojos for Glow Night.

Tick tock, tick tock.

So we got in a taxi to the village, just a 5 minute drive from my friends place in Creekside.  It was too late to get on the guest list and there was a huge line up that none of us we’re set on waiting in.  So, we headed back to El Furniture, got a table and I sat in the exact same spot earlier that evening where we went for dinner.  I have to be honest and say we went to this place 4 times today lol.  Such good vibes!!!

So rewind back to the Market Place.  After we finally got out of there with all our new merch, we headed to Creekside to pick up my friend Danielle who I met here about a month ago when I was here last.  We wanted to go on an epic hike and I wanted to go somewhere I hadn’t yet.  The girls at the Naked Sprout overheard me tell my friend to google Whistler Hikes and they told us to check out Brandywine Falls.  Yes!  I have wanted to do that all summer!  I mentioned it to Danielle and she said she biked there the day before and that she wanted to hike to the bottom of it.  She sent me a picture of the fall with a rainbow and I knew thats where I wanted to go.  I had to go!!

The hike was about 45 minutes to get down to the waterfall.  It was pretty easy, there was one part where we had to climb down the side of the mountain on boulders of rocks.  If you love adventure, Brandywine Falls is must do in Whistler!

I’ll let the pictures below tell the rest…