Whistler, Canada

In My Element

Monday, September 4th, 2017.
Whistler, BC

In My Element

I’m sitting here in Whistler paradise.  Fire place is on, lights are off, I have a green face mask on, listening to Bon Iver as I blog and the guys just came back with hot chocolate.  Danielle and I just had a ecstatic dance party.  She’s never heard of it before and I explained to her that theres no talking and we move to the music however our bodies want.  Its like a dancing meditation.  I learned this in Asia on my first trip to Thailand and I love it!  I have sunk from my head, into my heart, my body is relaxed.  This is when I love to write most, when I am relaxed and feeling peaceful.

My friends are watching Shutter Island now with Leonardo Dicaprio.  I saw it years ago.  Pretty freaky, the whole thing is such a mind trip.  I’m putting my Bose headphones on and going to do a recap on the day…

I slept in my friends room who had two twin beds in it.  Before falling asleep last night, he said, “there was a black bear just outside the window thats beside your bed a few days ago”.  “Really!!  Wow.”  He passed his phone over to show me a picture of a Mama and her cub that were cruising in the backyard.  This is Whistler life for you.  This is why I love it.  The wildlife reflects my wild life.  In one minute, when the clock strikes midnight, it will be my 1000th day of travel.  Moment of silence now as I watch the clock on my computer…

12:00AM  I take a few deep breaths in, water reveals itself in my eyes.  1000 days.  1000 days of travel.  The clock keeps ticking.  I am grateful for everyone who has supported me, the people who have come into my life, for the places I’ve gone and experiences I’ve had and for the blessing of being able to travel for this long.  I thank God, my family, my friends, and complete strangers.  Its truly amazing.

I want to finish the day and then will get back to my 1000 days of travel.

So I woke up at 8am and started working on my blog.  Danielle cooked us delicious pancakes drizzled with peanut butter and honey with a side of green acai tea.



We hung out in the house for a few hours and decided to hit up the lake.  After picking up food and snacks at the Market Place, we drove across the highway to Alpha Lake.  It was so nice and super hot out!  We had an action packed day filled with volleyball, swimming, soccer, hulahooping and frisbee.

I love seeing people enjoying themselves because when they are enjoying themselves, they are living in the moment.  Even watching all the dogs play brought me happiness.  I got to do all my favorite things.  I think thats what life is about, doing the things you love.  For me, its playing sports, being in nature and dancing under the sun.  Having a happy day is having a successful day in my books.  Isn’t that what matters most to people, to simply just be happy?  Why does our world struggle with this?  Why do we struggle with genuine happiness?  Its like an epidemic.  An epidemic of people trying to seek more out of life to feel like we have purpose.  What if our purpose was to just be?  Simply just Be.


What would it take?  What would it take for people to just Be?  Honest.  Think about it.

If we truly want to be happy, would we continue living the life we are living that brings us unhappiness?  Why are people scared of change?  Why are people afraid to change things in their life that aren’t serving them, whether it be their job, their partner, their living situation, their habits, or most importantly, their minds?  Where is the courage people?  Its like we have forgotten that courage exists.

The only reason I’m sitting here right now, with my feet up, writing on this MacBook, in front of a fire place, surrounded by good friends under a safe rooftop, chilling into my 1000th day of travel is because of COURAGE.  If I didn’t dig it up beneath the dirt, I wouldn’t have realized the infinite potential that lies within me.  I wouldn’t have realized how Limitless I am.  Heck, I wouldn’t even know who I truly am.  So I thank courage for coming into my life, and I thank myself for welcoming it like wildfire.

After heading to the truck after the long dat at Alpha Lake, I saw a group of guys playing soccer tennis – kicking a soccer ball over the net over the tennis net.  Excitement rolled through my skin!  I had to play!  My friends said “okay Amanda, you can play for 5 minutes”.  My girlfriend joined me and our guy friends said they’d go to the grocery store and pick up stuff to BBQ for dinner.  Stoked we got to play for about an hour with these newly made friends.  They were from Czech Republic and Slovakia.  I was totally in my element kicking the ball over the net.  Why is soccer tennis not a legit sport?  Its epic and it should be played more often, at least in my life.

We came back to the house, the guys BBQ’d shrimp and kale chips and Danielle cooked up crab cakes on the stove.  I worked on my blog.  I love it.  I love journaling and writing about my days.  I am living my passion and my dreams.  Life is pretty good.  Doesn’t mean I don’t have bad days, I definitely do.  1000 days of travel.  I ask myself “how did I even do it?” and then I laugh, thinking, “how could I have not?”