Whistler, Canada

Tug of War

October 12 2017

Thunder Bay
It’s like I’m playing tug of war
Tug a war of being here
And wanting to be somewhere else
I tell stories to my passengers
Of the amazing experiences I’ve had
I get amped up
And it’s not from the coffee I’m drinking
That I bought to keep me alert
It’s the energy of sharing what I experienced
The magical stories that bring me so much joy
As if I’m reliving the past with all senses touched
They wouldn’t of happened if I didn’t start here
At home
They wouldn’t of happened if I wasn’t the person I was
And it’s because of this place I am who I am
Thunder Bay prepared me
It truly did
It prepared me for the world
I should appreciate it
I should appreciate being home
And for moulding me into who I was before I left
Thunder Bay gave me the tools I needed
To be strong, to be curious, to be adventurous and wild
This place connected me to the earth
I was shaped by nature
Basically growing up in a forest
Who would I be without that?
Without the childhood I had?
The sports I played
The dances I danced
The dives I dove into
It all taught me a lot
And most of all
It taught me perseverance, practice, patience and passion.
I was gifted
Without knowing gifts were given
And I brought them with me
A tool box with everything I needed
To set myself free
Into finding myself in the world
Away from home
Far away from home
Only to bring me back again
To say
Thanks for having my back
and teaching me how to keep my head held high
Even when it feels like there’s weights on my shoulders
When really
I just have the world in the palm of my hands
And know