Whistler, Canada

Generations – A Moment in Time

October 1st 2017


A Moment in Time

A moment in time,
We are here.
Generation by generation.
A place fellows would go hunting,
And have sled dogs glide them
Across the frozen lake.
A place where row boats and canoes
Were ridden on a daily,
And planes would be flown safely.

A moment in time,
In 2017 where two girls come
To get away from the city
And get in between nature.

A place where old energy drifts
Off the body once stepped foot into
The forest.

Sauna lit by fire wood and paper.
Steam rises from the chimney.
Sweat reveals itself in the heat
As water gets splashed on the rocks.

A moment in time of wearing nothing
But our own skin
To jump in the cold lake
And do it all over again.

#CanadianLiving #CampWithMyBestFriend