Whistler, Canada

Love is Bulletproof

Monday, October 2nd, 2017.

Thunder Bay, ON, Canada
A place with a beautiful look out.
I know because I was there a year ago,
The top of Mandalay Bay.
Yet someone with the same view,
Just last night,
Saw something different.
He saw his targets.
Among all the bright lights,
A crowd of people.
How can one comprehend this?
How can one understand what he saw?
How could he look at the scenery and feel the need to change it?
Horror laid within the finger print of the shooter.
No one knew,
No one knew what was coming.
Concert goers were loving life,
Sharing the love of music,
Titling their cowboy hats up.
Last song of the show.
Happy, smiling, singing.
Bang, bang, bang.
Fireworks didn’t light the sky.
Only a cloud of darkness.
And instead of rain it was bullets.
Run for your life!
Get down!
Help me!
The words tremble through
My mind, body, and soul
Only to imagine the scene of the scenery.
Sharp flair,
People in despair,
Once aware of the present.
Every second feels like a lifetime
As life flashed before people’s eyes
Between rounds that lasted minutes.
Devastation, separation.
Opposite of civilization,
Of how we want the world to be.
Let’s take time
To honour the brave,
To honour the innocent.
Let’s come together
And find solstice within each others arms.
Let’s not let firearms destroy us.
Because truth is it can’t.
Guns and violence will not ruin humanity.
We are one and we will unite
We will pray.
We will heal.
We will love.
And so let’s take the chaos
And channel it into calmness.
Let’s breathe and be grateful.
Hearts crushed
Are hearts that will need time,
So be there for each other.
Let’s turn madness into kindness
And hi’s into hugs.
Let’s show the world what we’re made of.