Whistler, Canada

My Grandads Funeral

Monday, October 30th, 2017

My Grandads Funeral

Flowers on his casket.
There were flowers on his casket,
Oh how good they smelt.
Bright orange, endless petals,
Roses as dashing as his spirit.

Grandad, oh Grandad,
The love you shared
Was endless.
And so were the smiles.
You lit up this world
And every corner in it.

Eyes closed,
Soul gone,
Spirit so very near.
Surrounded by
What you loved most,
Your family and beautiful flowers.

I touched your hand one last time
And put my hand on your heart.
Giving you blessings, saying a prayer,
Telling you things for the last time
As you lay in your coffin.

Fallen tears,
Deep emotion,
As bagpipes lead your way.
Casket closed, rolling by.
Reality kissed what is real.

Your gone, but not fully,
Just your shell, not your spirit.
And I know this because
I’ve seen you each day
In a different way
Ever since you said Goodbye
And I must say
When I looked at your coffin,
I just saw you dancing around the room.

The flowers on your casket
Were as remarkable as you
And the life you lived.
And thanks to God for
Putting them everywhere
So no matter where I am in the world
I’ll be reminded of you and the beauty you saw in them.

Heaven is lucky
to have you.
I know it got a lot more
Have fun exploring
up there.
I’m sure you’ll
have many interesting
conversations with
Enjoy the Angels voices.
Say hi to Auntie Carolyn
And keep living.

Thanks for teaching
me how to live
so that when
theres flowers on
my casket,
I could fall asleep peacefully knowing
that I did too,
fully, colorfully, wonderfully and lovingly.

I love you Grandad.

Rest in peace.




Goodbyes are hard,
not mean’t to be easy.
If it was, tears wouldn’t
mark this page in their
salty essence of purity.
I call them Love Tears.
Trinkling down,
Exposed crown,
Just to hear your voice.
Memories flood,
Rivers soon to icen.
Every season comes to
an end, to renew
as something new then
back again.
Next year the leaves
will fall and
my heart will continue to beat
pumping your blood into
a warm cozy
winter with
snowflakes as pretty
as roses and
tea cups filled with
memories of your
life and the comfort
of your soul
knowing your awake
in another state
sprinkling wisdom
in a non existent
time zone,
being fully and
fully being.