Whistler, Canada


November 6th, 2017

At 26, I did a 26 day silent meditation course to enhance my inner peace, to forgive and be forgiven for things that happened during each year of my life and to be grateful for each year that I lived.  I did this to help heal myself better and the world a better place.
At 26, a man, went into a Church and shot 26 people this Sunday morning in Texas.  And then he died too from a gunshot wound.  Leaving the world shaken up and destroying most of the Churches family.
What is this world coming to?
Why is there so many bullets piercing skin?
Why is the word gunman in bolded letters so common throughout the media?
Why are we choosing to hurt others when we are the ones who are hurting?
Why are we afraid to help heal ourselves?
Where is the bravery in that?
You want to be brave and make a point?
Heal yourself.
Heal yourself and let the world see.
Thats the answer.
Thats the answer to your pain and suffering.
Not pulling the trigger.
My love, prayers and thoughts go out to the family, friends, community and everyone who has been affected by this violent act in such a sacred place.  God bless all. <3