Whistler, Canada

A Moment of Reflection

Friday, December 29th, 2017
Beam Cafe – London, UK

A Moment of Reflection

I’m sitting here at Beam Cafe in a neighborhood called Crouch Hill in London. I had a nice coffee with my girl friend before she headed off to her Friday night Shabbat dinner at her parents place. I have just been invited to have dinner with my friend and his family who are from my home town Thunder Bay. I’m going to catch a train to central London which will take me about an hour. We’re meeting at an Italian restaurant, I’m looking forward to having some pasta :).

London has been really nice. The people here are so kind and so welcoming. Spending Christmas here was wonderful! I watched Harry Potter and attended midnight mass at St. Pauls Cathedral. It was incredible. We also had a huge dinner party at the mansion on the 23rd with a Queens and Kings theme. All of the housemates at the mansion I’ve been staying at are epic. We have had so much fun…last night we were up till 3am, dancing, making music, and playing Cards of Humanity. I woke up, helped clean my friends room, did some dishes, swept, washed sheets and pillow cases…you know, the regular house stuff. I really enjoy cleaning, tyding and organizing. When I start, I usually don’t stop. Its like I get into the zone for a few hours and theres nothing else I’d rather do other than clean and make spaces look good.

Today is a special day, it’s my best friend Melissa’s Birthday. She would be 29, just like me. No crying Amanda, not now…it saddens me she’s not making it to 30, let alone, most of her 20’s. A good heart gone too soon. I miss her often, especially on special occasions. The last I saw her was a decade ago when I took a 39 hour bus ride across Canada to visit her in Cranbrook, BC. She was pregnant at the time and so vibrantly happy. I didn’t meet her daughter, Brooklyn Rose, who Melissa raved about so much, until 2 years later, at Melissa’s funeral. Not the place I would have imagined to have met her. But Brooklyn looked so beautiful, she had her Mom’s eyes. I saw so much of Melissa in her. Its safe to say Brookie has an amazing guardian angel whose always by her side.

I got the call on a Halloween morning, that my best friend had passed in a house fire. She left something cooking on the stove late at night and fell asleep. Devastation filled my bones. After the funeral, I invited everyone to my house to celebrate her life. Melissa spent most of High School at my house as it was pretty much her second home a few streets away from hers. When I was home last, I found a book in storage that I had gotten all of our friends to write in for Brooklyn to have when she was older, so she could know what her Mom a little more. Filled with so many beautiful words and memories. I could go on and on…

Life is so precious. It must be cherished. Moment per moment. Every breath. Every inhale and exhale is a gift. One of the reasons I love meditation and yoga so much is because its main intention is to connect to that breath. And to me, that is the most beautiful thing in the world. Its ironic, most the time people aren’t even aware its there, yet it works for us 24/7. Lets all take some time, even now, to breathe in and breathe out. And be grateful to be alive, to be breathing…


Love you Mliss <3 Always.