Whistler, Canada

Dive into it

Dive into numbness and stimulate emotions to free yourself from the barriers of experiences that had you latched to a wall. Free your wrists and calculate a life that is not only worth living but makes living worth life.

Conscious acts of kindness fuels a soul with infinite abundance even if it was a smile from a man with no money. That smile will travel further than money ever will because it imprints on the heart unlike cash placed in a bank account that can lose value at any moment in time.


– Smiles imprint on on people’s hearts, forever.

– Money doesn’t measure life, your acts of kindness do.

A few simple messages given during a one hour guided meditation that I did for two of my friends in London. Try it now:

Be compassionately aware.

Continuing to breathe, soaking in stillness.

Left every breath relax your mind and body.

Examine your inner world.

Create space for the things you value.