Whistler, Canada

If theres an opportunity to be kind, take it!

Tuesday, December 5th, 2017.
London, England.

Simple Things

If theres an opportunity to be kind take it. The world reveals all different kind of ways we can be kind to one another on a daily basis. Its just a matter of seeing them and acting on it. The other day my girlfriend was driving me to the train station and pulled over in front of a corner store saying she wanted a bottle of water. She reached for her purse and I said “Don’t worry I got it!” then walked into the store. I got her a big water bottle and little chocolates on the side then stood behind the guy in front of me at the till. As he put the debit machine back on the counter, the screen read “CARD DECLINED”. “It didn’t go through” said the cashier. “Oh okay…” He left the bag of merchandise on the counter and walked out the door. A feeling of familiarity ran through me. Seeing those words suck!! I put my stuff on the counter and went to open the door to find the gentleman. He had already crossed the street, and as traffic was going by, I yelled “Hey!…Hey!” He turned around and looked at me then I waved him over “Come back!” I said. A smile lit up on his face and I told the woman at the cashier to add whatever is in the bag to mine. When he came in, I passed him the bag and he said “Thank you so much.” “No problem, have a wonderful day!” Then he walked out back into the world.

The cashier then said “You are a very kind person.” “Thank you, people have been so kind to me, I’m just paying it forward.” I couldn’t just do nothing and not buy it for him. I just couldn’t. There was an opportunity and I had to take it. Someone needed help, and I am so grateful I was there in that moment to do so. Even though it was so simple, these little random acts of kindness can go a long way and this story is proof of just that, it’s ripple effect. So if something similar happens in a grocery store, restaurant or even at a coffee shop, if you have the means to do so, or have a couple extra bucks in your pocket, help the person out. Heck, what do we have to lose? Seeing a smile is worth a million bucks and to me, that’s priceless. And guarantee, that person will pay it forward in some way, somewhere, some time down the line creating more happiness on the planet.