Whistler, Canada

Increasingly Numb Society

Monday, December 11, 2017.
London, UK

Increasingly numb society.
How so?
Is technology brining us together
or further apart?
Are we using it as a distraction
to feel what we feel
or using it as a pathway to
endure the reality of emotions?
Are we able to work on our computers
and scroll through our phones with
an awareness of the complex internet within ourselves?

Did you know stillness and quieting of the mind can be
the strongest wifi you’ll ever get?
Perhaps things online can inspire you to go inwards.
Did you know every answer you seek is
inside the world within you?
How often do you surf the net that doesn’t have a screen?

After travelling for 3 years that is one thing I’d like to share.
To start surfing the internet inside of you.
What you’ll find is your own news story,
You’ll find epicness, history, a table of emotions,
and the truth.
Your soul cannot lie to you.

Why is it a good portion of us are too scared to
check in and see whats playing on our news station?
You have time for tv, but what about yourself?
Close your eyes, tune in and watch what comes up.
Discover your truest potential and raw authentic self.
Then sign back online and see whats going on in the world
and how you can contribute to it.

Amanda Xo