Whistler, Canada

Nomadic Globe Trotters

Monday, December 11, 2017.
London, UK

Nomadic globe trotters.
Assumptions of travellers are a pattern of commonality of those who watch from a far. Perhaps its true that some of us “travellers” may be running away from something or have great difficulty with commitment, regarding relationships, work, home life – bills, routine, etc. Yet, for some of us, perhaps travel is a way to set us free. Set us free from the things that hold us back from attaining our true desires.

Perhaps for some of us, we are not only committed to travel, but to our truth behind the reason why we travel. Perhaps the people who seem to be “finding their way” have already found it, and its in movement. Perhaps committing to the awareness of the movement of our breath is what brings us fulfillment, even just for a moment. Perhaps we find peace in the chaos. Tested by missed flights, lost directions, backwards traffic. Perhaps peace is learned along the way, in a new city, around new people, unfamiliar landscapes.

How can it be travellers are seen to not “live at home” when the world is our home? North, South, East, West. Africa, Asia, South America, North America. Why limit ourselves to one place, one town, one house, one office box? Why wouldn’t you expand your life further than what you can see beyond your regular everyday horizons, if thats what you want?

Why crave to live like other people when you can create the life you want to live? Are other people or your own thoughts stopping you from doing so? Are you even noticing the stop signs that fear puts up in your life when you have a light bulb idea and the corners of your mouth go up?

Be the construction worker of your own road. Rip the stop sign from the ground. Create your own pavement. Heck, you can even pass people and let people pass you. Turn left if you want to, or right, or put your car in park. You are the driver of your own life, there is no rush on the journey. Slam on the gas if you want, roll down the windows, open the sunroof. Let the rays in and shine on your face and if it rains embrace it because rain is guaranteed. Drive through storms and you’ll come out with a free car wash. Every sign is a message and every road block is a blessing.

Most of all, know, its not a race, there is no rush, take your time, enjoy and don’t forget to pull over and smell the flowers. Peace is essentially, everywhere you are, no matter how you decide to throw down the pavement. It will be a smooth and bumpy ride and soon, we’ll all run out of gas. So live your life as you want to and don’t be afraid to pick up hitch hikers along the way, for that makes a thrilling adventure and an epic story to tell.