Whistler, Canada

Day 2 in Paris

Sunday, January 21st, 2018.
Paris, France

Entering complete contentment

Tears of contentment beautifully stroll down my face like I strolled the beautiful streets of Paris all day. I fluff the pillows against my head board and sit up in bed with my lap top on my lap playing Promise by Ben Howard. A moment where I combine everything I did today and everything that I am doing right now within these passages. “I’m sinking into contentment. This is everything I want. To go to bed in a hotel, write about my day, and be in an epic place, like here in Paris.” Its a moment where I take a moment to just stop after doing so much and overwhelming gratitude sneaks under the covers. These are the moments I live for. To feel what I am now. Bed side is a cup of hot chocolate that I got from the Cafe attached to the hotel and the whip creme on top is a mirror of my life. Sprinkled with sparkles of the Eiffel Tower.

After arriving in Paris and finding out it was Mens Fashion Week, I thought it would be epic to see a cat walk. To say the least, I got what I wanted. A cat walk fashion show which was my tour of Paris. Yes, for 3 hours straight, I walked around town with Male Models strutting in a line passing by all the gorgeous sites. One of them said “Welcome to the Musuem de L’Ouvre!” And as I turned the corner, I saw the pyramid at L’Ouvre.

I ended up doing the make up for 11 male models as they did not have a make up artist on site. I jumped right in and just used my owned make up, which was pretty much empty. But I made use with what I had and it worked. My make up career got launched in Paris for Mens Fashion Week, not a bad way to start. 😛 😉