Whistler, Canada

Happy New Years!!!

Monday, January 1st 2017

Happy New Years World!

Sending you all magical light and good vibes for the new year ahead. May all of your dreams come true!

I am super excited to get this travel blog off the ground and share with you my journey of what will come in 2018. To start off, I just opened up my email and received a message from West Jet announcing that they gave me a 907 dollar travel credit. I was to catch a flight home 2 days ago to be back for my cousins wedding in Thunder Bay but my flight got cancelled due to maintenance. Wish I could have been back with my family yet London did not want me to leave. When I left for my flight at 7am after booking it at 4:30am, I said goodbye to my girlfriend and as she was half asleep, she said “Your not going, your not mean’t to go.” “I am, I have a flight, I’m heading to the airport now. If there is a Divine Intervention, I will surrender to that and be okay with it.” Indeed, that is exactly what happened. And it didn’t occur to me until just a few minutes ago that the travel credit was gifted to me from the other side, from my Grandad, who passed away 2 months ago. He has been working on the other side to gift flights along my travels. Isn’t it ironic that he owned a travel agency? Essentially, he is the one who has inspired me to travel the world, just like he did over his long, abundant, adventurous life.

So, a new year, a new beginning. My intention is to delve into the depths of my heart to see how much it can give, as well as receive. The past few years has been more focused on my mind and in doing so I realized its infinite possibilities, almost like another galaxy of its own. With all the meditation, I dove straight in and explored the corners of my brain that didn’t even have light to be seen. A whole world opened up and now I am moving from observing head to heart. I always lead with the heart and try to keep it open to the best of my ability. But this year, I’m keen on expanding its love throughout the world and discovering more within its shadows. Spreading light and love is what I want to do. This blog will be a testament to that.

Also a very special announcement: I want to wish my sister Samantha a very Happy 31st Birthday!!!! She is my guardian of light. Always looking out for me since I was a little baby. Samantha, I am proud of you everyday and amazed at the amount of growth you have done over the recent years. Also, an avid traveler, she travelled to 6 continents this past year which was a promise to herself when she turned 30. What an inspiration! I am so grateful to have her in my life. God blessed us quite grandly so that we could have each other. Much love Sistah! <3 Its 4am, my sleeping clock is off as I was up till 5am last night. Time to sleep. I know I didn't write much today...but stay tuned, for there is lots more to come. XoXo Amanda