Whistler, Canada

Happy Place

February 4 2018
Coffee Bean, Sunset Blvd

I am back in my happy place. A place that I come and feel at home. I am inspired to write, feel, be, love, live. For starters, I’m grateful for walking outside and seeing the Hollywood Hills at the end of my street. I am grateful for the sunshine, for the fresh cold coffee, the cool breeze indoors and for my friends that live here. I love everyone here so much. Hollywood is a place I can truly be. It was born for creators to reside to create. I feel it all around. I embody it. I embody the creation within to exert through my skin and bones. Humbled for the opportunity to be alive. Humbled by the kindness of humans and butterflies that flock within the space of fresh air that we are so fortunate enough to breathe. Dreams curated to serve the masses and mass’s spreading love and the word of the Lord in surrounding neighbourhoods on this very lovely Sunday morning. Thank you, Hollywood, for generating a love that words cannot language, but can be felt deeply within the hearts of those who are brave enough to come here and aspire to live their dreams through faith with grace.