Whistler, Canada

Let the Adventure Begin!

Thursday, February 22, 2018.
Mexico City

I’m sitting in the kitchen with my new friend Sue Anne at a hostel in Mexico City eating cornflakes with banana slices. We caught the same flight here from LA and met while filling out our Mexican form at Security. She asked me: “Are you going to Costa?” “Yes! Envision! Are you?!” “Yes!” We hugged and immediately became friends. Then she said “I’m planning on getting a room somewhere.” “Me too, lets get one together.” I googled maps hostels, found one that was 10 minutes away, called to see if they had two beds available, which they did. So we hopped in a cab for 200 pesos and showed up to this epic hostel that feels like entering a locals home. The woman working felt like a grandma and gave us hugs and kisses as we were making our cereal. You could feel the love vibrating off her. Theres a massive basket of oranges behind me along with tomatoes, bananas, tea, water, coffee, toast and jam. We are totally set. We already set up our taxi for 5 in the morning back to the aiport which cost 120 pesos. Will get almost 4 hours of sleep, but hey, its better than sleeping at the airport!!!

The plane ride was good. I literally fell alseep while on the runway in LA. After an hour nap, I woke up in the clouds and they were serving food and drinks. “Orange juice please.” Then I was handed a tray with chocolate, apple sauce, and a ham and cheese croissant. “Do you have vegetarian?” I asked the flight attendant. “No.” Alrighty…so I took the meat out and ate the half of the croissant that wasn’t touching the ham. Feeling a bit disgusted, I put my napkin over the piece of me. I had never had meat on my own plate in ages. I’d never really this reaction before as I thought “There is a dead animal on my plate.” I felt even more grossed out and just couldn’t bear having this in front of me even though I couldn’t see it. “Theres a dead animal on my plate” repeated again in my head. So I took my tray and brought it to the back of the plane and gave it to one of the flight attendants. They also refilled my orange juice then I went to go sit back down. I’d like to bring awareness to all airlines on the planet to please have vegetarian options. Because really, the last thing someone like me who doesn’t eat meat, having a dead animal served to us and then have to sit in a seat with it could ruin the whole flight experience. And maybe ask before serving the meat, if thats what they want because now a days more and more people are going vegetarian and vegan. Lets please all work together so all parties are content with a happy belly while travelling on flight.
Much love.

So…on another note. I am super stoked to be going to Envision Festival! I’ve been wanting to go for 2 year and its finally happening! I’ll be helping assist teach Acro Yoga with a friend I met last week at a music event at Mandala Yoga Studio in Santa Monica. What I’m super stoked for is to see friends who I’ve made around the world while travelling the last few years and to make new epic ones.

This morning when I was leaving my friends place in Hollywood, the last thing he was said “You’ll see lots of butterflies!” “Really?!” “Yes, and maybe you’ll become one.” I think hes right…
My intention this year was to live part time in the jungle, and thats where I’m headed. I have a flight back to LA on the 28th but we’ll just have to see what happens with that. I’m just living in flow. So shanti, shanti. Time to hit up the dorm room and get some rest.