Whistler, Canada

Afternoon Vibes

Wednesday, March 14th, 2018.
Puerto Rico

Afternoon Vibes

I’m sitting here surrounded by friends who are working on their computers. Digital nomads, festival creators, peace organizer creators, drone flyers, free spirits with a lot of passion, in general, amazing humans. I brought my laundry up the street to get cleaned. Thinking its quite ironic that I had a flooding yesterday in the house when I tried to wash my clothes. I thought the shower caused the flood but when I opened the bathroom door, I saw the water was pouring out of the washing machine. While spending almost 2 hours mopping the floor collecting buckets of water, I thought of the Puerto Rican people regarding the hurricane. I tried to observe the lesson or teaching within the situation and thought “Its my first day in Puerto Rico and I’m cleaning up a flood. This is what the city experienced on a very micro level. I wonder how they cleaned up so much water? I mopped in compassion and cultivated patience while I cleaned up.” I took a moment of appreciation for all the people who came together to help those affected by the hurricane, and those who are still here today helping rebuild homes and the communities. I was reminded of why most of us who came down for the Crypto Currency Conferences are here. To help those in need. I am inspired by everyone around me, all the thought leaders, creators, visionaries, by those who are bringing people together to help spread love on the planet. I am where I am because I need to be here. Living in flow is the way to go. Cryptopia is an oasis for those who are living in high vibrations and are dedicating themselves to help changing the world for the better. I believe in them because I have faith that together, we can help save the world!



Will tune in later to update how the rest of the day goes. And I bought a pretty dress for the Wine, Cheese and Chocolate event today. Yay! I’m excited. Time to go to the hotel where the Puerto Crypto event is going on. Ciao Ciao.