Whistler, Canada

Puerto Crypto!!!

Tuesday, March 13th, 2018.
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Puerto Crypto!!!

Well its my 1st Day in Puerto Rico! Have to say it be more epic. I woke up around 10am and went for a run to tour around the area with my friend Michael. Within 2 minutes of running, we came across a massive fortress over looking the ocean. From there, we ended up at another fortress that was built in the 1500’s. I wondered how long it took the people to build it, I’m sure a couple decades. One of my favorite ways to tour new places is by foot and since I love running, its the perfect combination to get familiar with where you are stay healthy while travelling. I love Puerto Rico so much. Its sunny, the streets are vibrant, the people speak Spanish, its just gorgeous. Its like a mix of Cuba and Mexico with a dash of USA. As we approached one of the main squares we saw a big picture of an acai bowl on a window. Michael and I looked at each other and as our eyes and hearts lit up we were both like “Acai Bowls right Meowwwww”. I love travelling with people who are on the same page as me, makes life so much more epic. As we were diving into the deliciousness of our acai bowls and vanilla almond latte, I saw Brock Pierce walk by. “Hey theres Brock, lets go say hi!” Brock is the one who is putting on the Puerto Crypto Conference here and founded the Bitcoin Foundation. We ended up going to his place which is a old Masonic Temple. He gave us a tour and brought us to his rooftop to check out the panoramic view. Then, he turns on the speaker and Justin Bieber’s Despacito songs starts blaring! The happiness running through my skin and bones was shinning brighter than the sun. My first day in Puerto Rico could not be more epic, and to be welcomed to this beautiful place by embracing the moment to dancing to this song on a rooftop. Life fullfilled. Lol.

We hung out for a few more hours, danced, talked some crypto, geometric shapes, changing the world, and people were making iguana jokes. I laughed but didn’t know what the connection was. Then Brock said “Have you seen John Olivers episode from yesterday?” “Nope.” “He makes fun of me and includes and iguana.” “Haha okay, lets watch it.” We then all gathered around the computer screen as he set it up on the computer. “It’s got 4 million views in 36 hours.” So funny. We watched the part where he made fun of Brock as we were sipping on pina coladas. Puerto Crypto is legit and probably the best idea ever. Looking forward to a week of fun, networking, dancing and diving into the crypto world.

I’m staying in a Crypto house with about 14 people from around the world. Vibes are so good. We went to a Crypto Mix last night and ate tacos and had more pina coladas. Looking foward to the week ahead and connecting with the locals. I feel the future is Crypto Currency and believe the people behind some of the largest projects are going to help change the world on a big level. Things are getting shooken up and this is exactly what our world needs to shift the dynamic of human thinking and the way we live on a more conscious and levelled up vibration. As we come together as One, we will essentially, have peace on earth and people will walk in gratitude in the life that is so worth living.

Much Love,