Whistler, Canada

No Words

Friday, May 18th, 2018
Venice, California

No words
Can describe
the heaviness
in my chest
that comes and goes
when I think

Losing someone
is never easy
especially when
they are your
best friend

Someone you’ve made
memories with all over
a city that you
now call home
and the reason
it feels like home
is because they were
a part of making you
feel that way

I was home
whenever I was with you
Your doors were always open
when I touched ground
in the City of Angels
and now your mine,
Your my Angel

I flock around Venice
but alone.
Memories flood through
my mind faster than
the thought of you
being gone.

Flashes of time
when you were by my side
walking down the street
twirling me as I danced
for no reason
on a Saturday
other than
being happy

Its been a hard week
to say the least.
I’m okay then I’m not
then i’m okay
then i’m not.
allowing myself to process
my emotions
releasing tears freely.
healing is every moment
you let go of control
and be in the moment of
however you feel
sending love and compassion
to yourself
those around you
and especially towards
your new blessed angel.

Love you Jason.