Whistler, Canada

When it hits home

Friday, May 25, 2018.
Hollywood, CA
Coffee Shop

“When Bomb Blasts Hits Home”

And yet, another news notification on my iphone.
“Bomb blast injures 15 at restaurant…”

Trail of thoughts float in one at a time, but ever so fast, as I click to be informed.

Heart sinks once again as I read the first line: “Two men left a homemade bomb inside a restaurant in the Canadian town of Mississauga Thursday night…”
I stop reading.
And sit with my emotions.
Observe the feelings arise, ocean eyes,
As bomb blasts hits home.
The last time I was in Mississauga
was for my Grandfathers Funeral.
And yet terror filled the streets last night.
Why are explosives being built within homes of fellow Canadians?
Why are explosives being built, ever?
If only there were more explosive hearts.
More hearts bursting open in the name of love.
I look up at a wall in front of me covered in framed old photographs
of tango dancers. Maybe thats an answer.
To dance.
To dance in the arms of another human being.
Holding hands in the streets,
heart to heart
dipping the lady back,
fiery passion
because its in that moment of connection
where one feels free,
in the moment,
and not thinking about creating bombs to blow each other up.
If dancing isn’t the answer, I don’t know what is. . .
At least try to find beauty not only in the world, but in yourself.

My heart yearns to send peace and love to my fellow Canadians.
I am here for you.

And yet,
as I thought this post was complete
I see a new notification
of a school shooting in the USA today.
These acts of violence
have got to stop.

Common world,
lets spread love.
And end these senseless tragedies
by helping those in pain
be free from suffering,